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shoe Midsole Plate
steel midsole 
mid sole EN12568 stainless steel midsole plate anti-puncture stainless steel insole

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Stainless steel midsoles for safety shoes
1. Stainless steel midsole is safety shoes material; 
2.Meet EN12568 and CE standards; 
3.Having different style and thickness. 

Product: Stainless steel midsole 
Standard: EN12568: 2010s 
Is the test for Composite midsoles the same as for Steel?

They are both tested using a nail with the same force of 1100N. The tip of the nail must not penetrate through the test piece at all. Both types of midsole also undergo 1 million flexes to ensure they do not show signs of cracking, delaminating, or disintegrating. The difference is that the steel midsole is tested for corrosion resistance whereas the composite midsole is tested for penetration, after being subjected to high and low temperatures and the effects of acid, alkali, and fuel oil on the material.
Flexing resistance: No crack after 1X106 flexes
the best is No crack after 2 X106 flexes.
Our factory is the first company specialized in producing safety shoes materials in China. Our main products are steel toe cap, aluminum toe cap, plastic toe cap, steel insole, fiberglass toe cap
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Implementation criteria: EN 12568:2010
Puncture resistance: ≥1100 N
Bending resistance: 1 million
Anticorrosive embroidery: ≤3 places
Standard:  ASTM F 2412/CSA Z 195
Puncture resistance:  ≥1200 N
Bending resistance:  1.5 million times
Advantages:  Stable performance, easy to produce and low price
The material is high-quality steel, which can achieve 1100N zero puncture (EN12568)
The surface is sprayed with oxygen-containing powder to effectively improve the adhesion of the product.
Widely used in labor protection shoes for many years

Note: All the foresaid products have passed EN CSA and JIS standards. If the models you want isn't listed here, we can make new models for you if samples are provided.

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